Our focus

  • Arbitration, in particular arbitration proceedings under the Arbitration Rules of
    • the German Arbitration Institute (DIS)
    • the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
    • as well as in ad hoc arbitration
    • Juve nominated Arndt Overlack for 2019 as renowned arbitrator
  • Company Law
    • company formation, including advice on the “best” corporate form
    • corporate transformations (Mergers & Acquisitions, Spin Offs etc.)
    • dispute- and conflict resolution among
      shareholders or with managing directors
  • Commercial/Business Law
    • distribution agreements
    • employment and service agreements
    • plant and construction agreements
    • consulting agreements
    • advice on management liability issues
      (CEOs, Management Boards and Board of Directors)
    • advice in turn around / insolvency situations
  • Corporate acquisitions and sales, cooperation, joint ventures
  • Advice regarding real estate
    • rental and lease agreements
    • real estate purchases and sales
    • real estate fund formation
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